Keeping Up

Pocket InformantLike most of you, I have personal appointments as well as appointments for work. Keeping up with those appointments and syncing them on multiple devices and sometimes be a real pain in the behind. I have an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac (work) and a MacBook Pro (home). At work and home I use iCal. On the go, I rely on Pocket Informant by Web Information Solutions, a PIM (Personal Information Manager). Note: Pocket Informant is also available for Android & Blackberry devices.

I like my calendar to be neat and easy to read. I really like the ability to color code appointments. Whenever I look at my schedule on my iPhone (or iPad), I immediately know if it’s Personal, for Work or a Holiday/Special Event. It’s quick & easy to add appointments, set repeating/recurring appointments and set alarms/reminders.

Other great features:

  • Event location mapping – add address to appointment, when it’s time to go, click on the map pin and it’ll show me how to get there.


Month ViewThere is a hidden nightmare to all of this. Syncing all of these devices so that everything is neat and orderly – no duplicates and no missed appointments.

I’ve found Google Calendar to be the best solution for a “central storage unit”, a place to keep all of my appointments, holidays and birthdays. Here’s the combination of programs/apps that work for me:

  • Google Calendar
  • Spanning Sync on Mac computers to sync desktop calendars (iCal) with Google Calendar automatically
  • Pocket Informant for iPhone & iPad makes everything neat and orderly which syncs with Google Calendar too

Once I have everything set up, no matter where I enter an appointment, it will automatically be sent to Google calendar and then synced with all my other devices. Sweet!

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