Keeping Up

Like most of you, I have personal appointments as well as appointments for work. Keeping up with those appointments and syncing them on multiple devices and sometimes be a real pain in the behind. I have an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac (work) and a MacBook Pro (home). At work and home I use iCal. […]

MochaSoft Remote Desktop Lite

Occasionally, I need to access the Windows server at work. MochaSoft’s RDP Lite is the perfect solution and best of all, it’s free! While it works on both the iPhone and the iPad, I only use it on the iPad as I find the iPhone screen too small to comfortably access the remote desktop. For […]

WordPress on the Go

If you have a WordPress site, you know the importance of creating new posts/articles on a regular basis. This not only helps with site rankings, but it keeps your name and website out there in the news feeds and social networks. What are my options for updating the JA Web Design WordPress blog while I’m […]

Gusto – Web Maintenance on the Go

One of the reasons I love my iPad so much is quality and variety of apps available for web designers and photographers. Gusto is an indispensable app that I use whenever I’m away from the office and a client needs a quick fix or update to one of their web pages. This app is an […]

Software & Apps

Jan uses a lot of software and apps every day to make her life “easier”. This is the place where you’ll find the software and apps reviews based upon her personal experience.