LifeProof™ iPhone 4 Case

I have to admit I’m a “case-a-holic”. Over the years I’ve owned and used numerous cases for my camera gear, phones, laptops and iStuff (iPhones & iPads). This is the first case I’ve ever owned for an iPhone that fits perfectly and feels good in my hand. The LifeProof™ iPhone case has “Four Proofs” – […]

iPad 2 – Not Just Another Sexy Toy

In working with websites through the years I’ve found it invaluable to have the right hardware from desktop computers (27″ iMac with dual monitors) to laptops (17″ MacBook Pro) and now to smart devices like the iPhone and iPad. I purchased my first iPad + 3G last year and have recently purchased the iPad 2 […]

Gadget Reviews

From time to time, JA Web Design will review a “Gadget”. These will be based upon products that Jan has purchased and uses on a regular basis.