Customizing WordPress

I love working with Content Management Systems (CMS) because they work off of the database concept.  Every page, article and photo reside within a database. This gives me, the programmer, and you, the website owner, total control over the content on your website. Since the content resides in a database, it’s more secure. When it […]

Websites, CMS and Blogs, Oh My!

It’s easy to get confused about the different types of websites and the “backend” that makes your website work. A website as defined by Wikipedia is “a collection of related web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets”. The way things are set up on the server determines what kind of website it is. […]

The Importance of Color in a Website

Color is a key visual communication tool. Colors can calm or excite, arouse feelings and stimulate to visitors to take action. Color is extremely powerful and can be used to express your site’s values, goals and personality. Let’s take the color RED. Red can take on many meanings with a lot depending upon which country […]

Welcome to Web Design by Jan

Since 1997 Jan Allinder has been working with photographers, organizations and business owners to design, host and maintain their web sites. Jan understands what works best to get your site the traffic your business needs. Whether you need a a small business website, a customized WordPress blog, a photo gallery or an e-commerce site, Jan […]