Jan Albriton Allinder
Jan AllinderJan is a native of Jackson, Mississippi. She was in the retail jewelry business for over 25 years. Albriton’s Jewelry, Inc., which Jan’s grandfather, John L. Albriton, Sr. founded in 1920 is now owned by her brother, John Albriton III. Her father, John Albriton, Jr. taught Jan the importance of setting goals and making sure the customer always came first.

She began designing web sites for wildlife & nature photographers in 1997. In 2003, Jan co-founded DIG Creative Solutions. In 2012, “retired” from DIG. She continues to work from home doing what she enjoys the most: designing and maintaining websites for small businesses and photographers across the country. Jan specializes in creating custom designs for WordPress web sites.

Outside of work, Jan enjoys gardening for wildlife, trail riding with Joe (her Peruvian Paso horse), fishing, cycling, cooking and spending time with family and friends, playing with her dogs and wildlife photography.

Jan has two fantastic daughters, Leslie Hall and Jennie Evans. She also has three beautiful granddaughters whom she adores: Taylor & Madison Hall and Piper Evans.

Jan A. Allinder
Brandon, MS