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Since 1997 Jan Allinder has been working with photographers, organizations and business owners to design, host and maintain their web sites. Jan understands what works best to get your site the traffic your business needs. Whether you need a a small business website, a customized WordPress blog, a photo gallery or an e-commerce site, Jan will take care of the design, installation, hosting and search engine optimization (SEO) for you. Get started today by contacting Jan.

Website Ideas

Customizing WordPress

I love working with Content Management Systems (CMS) because they work off of the database concept.  Every page, article and photo reside within a database. This gives me, the programmer, and you, the website owner, total control over the content on your website. Since the content resides in a database, it’s more secure. When it […]

Gadget Reviews

LifeProof™ iPhone 4 Case

I have to admit I’m a “case-a-holic”. Over the years I’ve owned and used numerous cases for my camera gear, phones, laptops and iStuff (iPhones & iPads). This is the first case I’ve ever owned for an iPhone that fits perfectly and feels good in my hand. The LifeProof™ iPhone case has “Four Proofs” – […]

Software & Apps

Keeping Up

Like most of you, I have personal appointments as well as appointments for work. Keeping up with those appointments and syncing them on multiple devices and sometimes be a real pain in the behind. I have an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac (work) and a MacBook Pro (home). At work and home I use iCal. […]